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Sidi Green

Quality, respect and continuous development are some of the our core values. Achieving new goals is not easy, but now more than ever is the time to invest in eco-sustainability; a new challenge to reduce environmental impact through the use of recyclable materials..

Being less of an impact on the environment means using eco-sustainable products, derived from renewable or recycled sources, with consequent beneficial effects on both people and the territory.

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Our production is designed and managed to reduce waste, reduce emissions, and eliminate the most aggressive chemicals from our products. We are also making continuous improvements to help the environment.


Our packaging renews itself by becoming environmentally friendly. We are FSC-certified: an organization that promotes responsible and controlled management of the forests used for paper production.

  • the box is completely recyclable
  • the glue is made of corn starch
  • the colors used are vegetable
  • the paper that wraps the shoes is recyclable
  • new technical booklets 100% recyclable and FSC certified

Corporate Social Responsibility


Using Industrial Discards


Reducing CO2 Production


Protecting the Environment


Consuming Conciously